About Us

Welcome to Carolina Real Estate Property Management. The Clemson area’s premier property management company for over 35 years. We are a complete solution for both property investors and property renters in Clemson, Central, Seneca, and surrounding areas. If you’re interested in investing in or renting a property in the Clemson area, we encourage you to contact us today and let us earn the opportunity to do business with you.

Meet Our Team

Jeremy Tackett, Owner/Property Manager/REALTOR®, jeremy@thecarolinafoothills.com

James Iseli, Operations/Property Manager, james@thecarolinafoothills.com

Taylor Davis, Portfolio Manager, taylor@thecarolinafoothills.com

Dylan Carr, Portfolio Manager/REALTOR®, dylan@thecarolinafoothills.com

Jaeda Maroney, Administrative Assistant/Customer Service, jaeda@thecarolinafoothills.com

Tracy Cansler, Senior Bookkeeper, tcansler@thecarolinafoothills.com

Randie Lacey, Bookkeeper/REALTOR®, randie@thecarolinafoothills.com

Lacie Posey, Bookkeeper/Customer Service, lacie@thecarolinafoothills.com

Karen Davidson, Bookkeeper

Tyler Sherbet, Maintenance/Special Project Manager, tyler@thecarolinafoothills.com

Corey Broome, Maintenance Tech

Garett Kelly, Maintenance Tech

Bryan Rabideau, Maintenance Tech


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